Whilst we welcome dogs at The Three Tees, there are certain conditions we ask dog owners to follow in order that their stay & the stays of other guests are as relaxing as possible.

It should be remembered that not everyone is fond of dogs, and some people, especially young children, may be scared of them. As we are a family hotel, this is especially important.

We have an 8yr old rescue Collie bitch called Bess, very friendly, but  obviously with views on other dogs entering her home.

Over the last few years, we have found the best approach to keeping everyone happy is to apply the few simple rules below:

  • On arrival, please do not bring dogs into the hotel immediately. We have found the best approach is for one person to complete check-in formalities whilst the other can introduce the dog to our garden via the side entrance. This avoids having to negotiate other guests with a travel-weary dog; gives the opportunity for exercise & toilet breaks following your journey; and more importantly, the opportunity to gauge how your dog will fit in with Bess and the hotel in general.
  • We obviously expect any dogs that stay here to be fully house-trained, and that any soiling in the garden is cleared up immediately – there is a black bin in the car park for disposal.
  • Dogs should be kept on leads in all areas of the hotel except the garden.
  • Dogs are not allowed unsupervised in bedrooms unless by prior arrangement.
  • Suitable bedding should be bought by owners – please do not allow dogs to climb over furniture/jump or sleep on beds etc.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the Dining Room at meal times – should you wish to access the bar or garden with your dog at these times please do so via the side entrance.
  • At Breakfast, dogs may be left in the garden or in cars, but not unsupervised in bedrooms unless by prior arrangement.
  • Any loss or damage caused by dogs must be paid or – we reserve the right to terminate your stay should your dog/s prove incompatible with our operation.  

Exercise Areas

The closest exercise area to us is The Barrowfields, a couple of minutes walk. This is a large expanse of open land overlooking Newquay Bay.
Several beaches are within easy walking distance, although seasonal restrictions apply to Porth & Tolcarne: – Great Western beach, situated next to Tolcarne at the end of the Barrowfields, is the closest walkable year-round beach, approx 10 mins away.
All other beaches in the locality have no restrictions.

Pet Supplies/Vets

Both the Vets & the nearest pet shop are within 2 minutes walk.

Eating Out

There are several dog-friendly pubs in the area that serve good food – we can point you in the right direction, but would always recommend checking prior to arrival as trends can change.

Visitor Attractions

Changing trends and seasonality differences mean that we cannot offer guaranteed up-to-date information on dog accessibility, and always recommend checking prior to arrival.
Eden visitors should note that no dogs are allowed in the grounds but not the Biomes,  although there is a shaded car-park available for those prepared to leave their dogs whilst they visit. However, this is not reserved exclusively for dog owners, and may quickly become full.


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